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It’s all about you! - you create, you curate, your story, your object, your art, your museum!

Helen Peytons Smart Gallery

Welcome to Smart Gallery (Social Museum & Art Gallery) @ Grassington Festival

1st – 27th June 2015, 11.00am – 5pm weekdays, 12 noon – 4pm weekends

Ladies Room, Festival Hall, High Street, Grassington

Is this the antidote to starchy, stuffy museums? We hope so! Here at Smart Gallery we are more fascinated by Elephants that play football, the campfire stories of NYW Guide president and her 60 year old blanket, or Pedro the Piranha all the way from South America.

Your real life stories and real life objects.

Thank you for visiting the Smart Gallery website and please do feel free to email us your artefact for inclusion to this website.
Temporary Bull Nose Ring

Allan’s Collection

Mysterious Label

Mysterious Labels


A People’s Guide to the River with Rommi Smith

Miniature Thermos Flask

Richard’s Miniature Thermos Flask

Tower Bank

Tower Bank



Monumento to the Last Tree

Monument to the Last Tree

Sheila's Typewriter

Sheila’s Typewriter

Nan's Paper from Wall

Nan’s Paper from Wall

Fuse Tester

Fuse Tester

The Crocodile and The Piano

The Crocodile and The Piano

Picture of boat

Picture of boat & photograph of dance

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