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Brimbo Photo


Doll given to me when aged around 5/6 years old by my Auntie, made in Italy 1977, my mum hand knitted clothing for it also around this time.

He is called Brimbo and is wearing underneath his original swimsuit bought with him, I called him Brimbo as it says the name on his suit (or did do). He I think, was one of the first boy wetting dolls and my Auntie didn’t realise it was a boy doll¬†until I undressed him!

He has a wonky eye now and is missing lashes off one eye lid but one still opens and closes when tipped, he no longer wees- possibly blocked/ broken inside somewhere. Still well played with by my son’s girlfriends.

Loaned by Nicola Bowdin.

You can see Brimbo playing Jesus in a Christmas School Play in the photo below and Nicola dressed as an angel (front row, fourth from left).

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