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Its all about you! – You create,  you curate, your story, your object, your art, your museum

Richard’s Smart Gallery
Richard’s Smart Gallery
Richard has been a part of the Smart Gallery right since its very beggining. Three…
Chris Lloyd’s Sketch
Chris Lloyd’s sketch
Chris Lloyd made this beautiful sketch of the Smart Gallery...just before the things were whisked…
The Legend Of The Crucifix Fish
The Legend of the Crucifix Fish
On loan from Richard Bancroft "This intriguing object came in a box with a detailed…
Frederick Charles Webb’s Death Penny
Frederick Charles Webb’s Death Penny
"A Memorial Death plaque (or "Death Penny") was given to the families of all those…
Unknown Object
Unknown object
  "These objects held back the curtains in my Great Aunt's house and always fascinated…
Magnifying Glass & Design Book
Magnifying Glass & Design Book
  "The magnifyer is special for examining cloth and textiles and measuring the closeness of…
Anne Thompson’s Drypoint Prints
Anne Thompson’s Drypoint Prints
Anne made the prints in the gallery, inspired by some of the objects on display...…
"This small collection of butterflies was hung on the wall of a victorian cottage we…
¨My grandfather made this Teddy while he was on active service in France in 1917.¨…
Video about an inconic dog. Made by Michael Scott.
Fell Rescue Plaque
Fell Rescue Plaque
"This plaque was awarded to me after a friend and I were benighted on Birks…
Badger Scull
Badger Scull
"I found it in the area around 25 years ago as a child and brought…
Child’s Chair
Child’s chair
  "It was given to my parents by an old lady in the village of…
Horse Hair Pebbles
Horse hair pebbles
"Over 10 years of collecting in the lining of a New Zealand (outdoor waterproof) rug,…
Bust Of Lenin
Bust of Lenin
Bust of Lenin "I was sent to the Soviet Union in 1977 by my grandfather,…
Victorian Nib Remover
Victorian nib remover
Victorian nip remover "I got it from a shoe shop in Burnley in 2000 when…
Alpaca Poncho
Alpaca Poncho
Alpaca Poncho It was bought to keep warm…it was made from handspun alpaca. Loaned to…
Armadillo Charango
Armadillo Charango
The Armadillo Charango The charango is a small Bolivian Andean stringed instrument of the lute…
Made out of a woollen glove by Jessica, aged 6 and her Granny. This project…
Pedro The Piranha
Pedro the Piranha
"My father used to do a lot of work in South America in the 60s…
Volcanic Ash From Mt St. Helen’s
Volcanic ash from Mt St. Helen’s
"In 1980 my brother and I went on holiday to Washington State, a couple of…
Mum’s And Dad’s Teddies
Mum’s and Dad’s teddies
My Mum's and Dad's teddies "One of the photos shows my mum, Jean Hammond (…
Contemporary Tea Set
Contemporary tea set
Contemporary tea set “I visited a 'potfest' and walking around the many stalls of beautiful…
Crocodile Beauty Box
Crocodile beauty box
  Crocodile beauty box “This crocodile skin box containing a hairbrush, a hand mirror and…
Primary Book
Primary book
  Primary book "A copy of this book was given to every Essex school child…
Girl Guides Badge
Girl Guides badge
  "Worn by those adults involved in guiding. I got mine in the 1970s when…
Vesta Box
Vesta box
  “I bought this little box at a jumble sale for a farthing! The dog…
Girl Guide Blanket
Girl Guide Blanket
" I started the blanket as a guide in 1956 …the badges accumulated over 60…
White River Crossing By J Alec Pearson
White River Crossing by J Alec Pearson
J Alec Pearson (1993-2009) left school at 15 and went straight to work as a…
Mother’s ‘beaver Lamb’ Coat
Mother’s ‘beaver lamb’ coat
  "It was described as 'Beaver Lamb'. It was a present given to my mother…
Antique Radio Bulb
Antique Radio Bulb
  This 807 Beam Tetrode Thermionic Valve was removed from a Marconi Ocean Span Radio…
Drawing Of A Toy Doggy
Drawing of a toy doggy
"This is a drawing of a stuffed dog toy my Dad gave to me for…
Edwardian Deck Chair
Edwardian Deck Chair
Edwardian Deck Chair still in use and only in the collection until the weather gets…
Shakespeare First Folio
Shakespeare First Folio
In 1623, seven years after William Shakespeare’s death, a compilation of 36 of his plays…

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