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Collective Training Centre

Collective Training Centre

Collective Training Centre


In the late 1940s it became clear that there was a need for a training scheme for recruits, not just in Leeds but in many surrounding areas. As a result, on 25th October 1948 the Collective Training Centre was opened at Gipton. The centre was administered by the Leeds Brigade who also provided three instructors.

The recruits practised ladder and pump drills until they were second nature. They also underwent lessons and exams on the manuals of firemanship and using breathing apparatus.

Instructors and men of one of the first recruit courses in the early 1950s were:

Sub Officers White and Fitzpatrick, Station Officer Mallinson, Ken ‘Trimmer’ Wicks and Dave Everick.

Pictured here is John Birch holding a photograph of the 1962 graduates. The training was 3 months and rigorous with many recruits failing and moving onto other occupations. From left to right front row – Sub officer Bateman, Sub officer White, Station Officer Shipman and Sub Officer Fitzpatrick on the right.

Exercises were all drills, ladder drills, breathing apparatus, smoke chamber. “We would march 2 miles with breathing apparatus on down to Selby Road and back”

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