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Firefighters Come Under Attack

Firefighters come under attack

Firefighters come under attack

Over the years a number of incidents occurred where fire-fighters have come under attack whilst carrying out their duties. In the 90s and early 2000s a number of incidents were recorded including stones and bricks being thrown at officers and vehicles, barricades in the roads and appliances being deliberately put out of action.
One potentially deadly incident involved deadly gas canister booby traps being deliberately left in a burning building.

Mischief Night And Bonfire night
The evening before Guy Fawkes night, when northern children traditionally play tricks on their neighbours, begins the busiest few days of the year for fire-fighters.
Fire-fighters attend many calls over these two days and often become victims of deliberate attacks. In 2013 a camera installed in a fire engine filmed firework rockets being deliberately fired at the crew and engines.

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