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Glowing Embers Choir

Glowing Embers Choir

Commissioned by Space2, Boff Whalley and Jane Morland worked with two local primary schools, Wykebeck and St Nicholas’s to write a song about one of the retired firefighters Mick Maw. They looked at words, sounds, feelings and events to create the lyrics. They worked with over 50 children to fine tune the song with Mick Maw and his wife June looking eagerly on and answering questions from the children. The choir sang and held the ribbon at the opening of the Fire Station with proud parents and crowds cheering them on.

Glowing Embers
Mick was part of The Eastern, and
He told us what his life was all about
Twenty-seven years spent saving lives –
Putting the fires out

Push that ladder up a little bit higher
Turn on the hoses –
Fire! Fire! Fire!

Deep inside there’s an ember that glows…
For putting the fires out
For putting the fires out

A careless match or a flick of a spark
From a tangle of electrical wires
Mick and his mates all ready and alert
As the smoke turns into fire


Start up the engine, ring all the bells
And listen as the people start to shout
Boots and mask and helmet and axe –
For putting the fires out


Middle Section:
I see smoke, blackness, people running
Lights, flames, children crying
Aaah, oooh, ohhhh
I hear bangs, sirens, shattering glass
Smell of smoke, stench of gas
Aaah, oooh, ohhhh

And then there comes a calm
The fire dies away
So tired and relieved that
I made it through the day

Back to the station, cleaning up the gear
Pump and hose and spout
All of the crew now safe and sound
After putting the fire out


Old firefighters never give up
Even when they’re told they must retire
Their memories gather in the station house
Ready for another fire

Turn up the TV a little bit higher
Home and a nice warm fire…

Deep inside there’s an ember that glows
For putting the fires out
For putting the fires out

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