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Howard Whitaker

Howard Whitaker

Howard Whitaker collector of Fire station memorabilia, he also runs the Firefighters Charity and is a Regional official of the National Association of Retired Firefighters (NARF)
Howard join the service in March 1965 and trained here in Gipton at the training School, then was stationed at the majority of stations throughout the region. Here at Gipton 1967-1974 promoted to Hunslet to leading fireman, came back here in 1975 and then got promoted again to Hunslet as Sub Officer and then retired in 1995.
It was when Howard was stationed at Gipton that he became involved with the charity in 1967, the aim was to raise funds for injured firefighters and their families to get ’em back on their feet. The charity was formed in 1943, during the war, in London. They used to have station open days, sponsored walks, sponsored BA walks, sponsored hose runs, one year they walked from Pudsey Town Hall to Leeds Town hall in breathing apparatus, over 12 miles, for children in need 1987. We had a series of Galas within the district which culminated in a gala at Temple Newsom where we raised approx £30,000 for a variety of charities. He is now a company member.

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